April 20, 2024

Obtaining Experiences vs Objects

experiences vs objects

In life, it’s much more important and fulfilling to accumulate a wealth of experiences rather than a wealth of material objects.

This article will compare and contrast the two kinds of accumulation, getting down to what it all means for you and your life.

To understand this, we have to first look at the difference between experiences and objects. The difference in this article comes in the following forms:

1> The importance of gathering experiences.
2> Experiences are more rewarding than objects.
3> The negative impact of a focus on material objects.
4> Material possessions can be removed, experiences can’t.

Experience is a state of being, a state of awareness and an experience itself.

An experience is an instance or event that an individual can recall and vividly remember.

An experience can be referred to as a sensation or a phenomenon that can be described, mapped out or explained by some procedure of observation and evaluation. Experiences are thus far more subjective than objects which refer to tangible things that act as reference points in space time and changeable to the awareness of the observer through time.

People who live their life in search of accumulating material possessions to the detriment of experiencing the world around them will eventually start to feel empty.

It is important to note that possessions alone will never be able to satisfy the inner desire for happiness and self meaningful existence. A person can have all of the material possessions in the world, but this only compounds problems rather than solving them.

In order to satisfy this need, one must acquire knowledge and experiences.

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