April 18, 2021

The Making of Iconic Money

As I said in my about page, I can’t stop thinking about money so I might as well write about it too, as I seek to make some iconic money.

I like thinking about money and ways to increase my income and net worth. I like investing and trading stock options and investing in real estate and startups. I like to figure out how to make the deals work, how to come up with funding, how to optimize returns. I like reading about it finances, listening to podcasts about money watching videos about investing, you name it, that’s my idea of fun.

When I have extra cash, it’s never about what can I buy, the question is only where can I invest it.

Now, I’ve got a family that doesn’t quite feel the same way, so it’s a balance that I have to maintain. But, building the income and net worth gives us freedom to spend the money we have in more meaningful ways.

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